Artwork Guidelines

KC Sports Artwork GUIDELINES

If you are supplying a Logo, Sponsor, Crest or artwork for use in Embroidery or Print on your garment, please follow these guidelines:

VECTOR Based artwork is required, Files: .eps, .ai (Adobe Illustrator) .cdr (Corel Draw) and High Res vector based
RASTER Based artwork such as .png; .jpeg; .jpg and .tif are not editable, they need to high resolution (300dpi) and above the dimension size of 350mm x 450mm











  1. If you require a quality reproduction of your artwork, we need quality artwork. BEWARE: Images from the internet tend to be of low resolution and poor quality and will not print well on to a garment.
  2. The positions that are most suitable for printing are:
    • Left/Right Chest print
    • Large Front/Back print
  3. If you artwork has a number of colours, the more colours the more it will cost to print
  4. If need a print on a number of positions, for every extra postilion the will be an extra charge


To set-up your logo/design for embroidery it has to be processed and digitised for our embroidery machine. Your logo/design has to be sent away to a specialist to digitise it. Once we have the digitised file back from our specialist, we will be able to embroider your logo/design on to your selected garments.

BEWARE: Detailed logos/designs or very small text are very difficult to convert as embroidery on a garment.

BEWARE: Large embroideries, bigger than left chest logo will incur a large stitch count and will be longer on our machines and will greatly increase the price.